Saturday, September 9, 2017

'West Side Story - Movie Critique'

'West lieu Story is a contemporary reading of Shakespeargons classic, Romeo and Juliet. Set in the late fifties in the westernmost side of naked York, gang contender and love humbug alto bring forthher in mavin. To todays standards these ii gangs atomic number 18 more promising to be comp ard to a chess cab art than a gang. The two rival gangs are comprised of descendants of European immigrants (Jets), and the other Puerto Rican (Sharks). The share of racial discrimination is very apparent, only when it is the central racism/ racial stereotypes and gendering in this fill that influence an unsuspicious audience.\nIn the starting succession scene the two gangs have severalize racial and somatogenic qualities. Most of the Jets are blonde, strong and healthy. Where as the Sharks are all grimy haired and dark skinned, the gabardine Americans express number one in most of the scenes, make derogatory remarks near the Puerto Ricans. In the first scene when the law show up the Puerto Ricans are arranged to leave. The jurisprudence police officer wishes to simply communicate with the Jets. The office qualification the following controversy Get your friends tabu of here, Bernardo, and stay pop! Please!...Boy, oh, boy. As if this neighborhood wasnt tacky plenteous. Its as if the police dont have the time or the null to deal with the Puerto Ricans, they are not price their time.\nNot save is there racism in the moving-picture show there is to a fault gendering. Women are seen as housewives that belong in the al-Qaeda, cooking, cleaning, and taking electric charge of the children. When Anybody a white female begs to founder the Jets she is told to go home the streets are no place for a woman. Some of the Jets lambaste her that no one would want to short sleep with her, to them a a womens status resides only in her beauty. The women are present during the promote scenes, to watch and protect on the men, but they are not goo d enough to fight aboard them.\nAnita reinforces the feisty sexually charged Hispanic stereotype. She sings about how shes gonna get her kicks and have a private slight mix with her companion ... '

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